Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Full, Rich Day

I might have a new brother, but mom and dad still do fun things with just me.  Brother got to go for a walk this morning, but I did not, so I knew something was up.  It is almost always good when it starts with a car ride.  It was a long ride, but when we got where we were going, the kids that introduced me to creeks were there.  They took me running in fields and then we went for a long hike - Me, Mom, Dad, Dylan, Morgan and their Mom (Bethany).  Bethany had another small human with her, but I didn't meet her, she was too small.

When we got back to the starting place, there were games.  Some doggies sang, some kissed, I was dressed in costume (I was mom's little pirate).  There were prizes for that and also for something called donations.  There were LOTS of new things.  Some I shared with Cosmo, a bed went with us on the next car ride and we will find other places to share things.  If Cosmo and I eat all of those things, we will get FAT.

We got back in the Jeep just before it started to rain.  I was home long enough to pee then went back in the Jeep.  I was going to see Ciji.  I got a bath and dried (NOT my favorite things), then we went back to the house.  We gave her the bed for her dog.

Then I introduced Cosmo to Cigi.  He even got a bandanna.  It is kind of loose, but it looks nice.

Now, if you will excuse me, I had a full, rich day.  They are tiring, I need to nap on the couch.

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