Friday, November 29, 2013

Meg and Izzy reflect on Thanksgiving

Meg:  What were all those people doing here yesterday?  I met a lot of new people, the smallest one was a little scary, I got lots of love, but this is new.

Izzy:  I think they call it 'Thanksgiving'.  You think JUST the little one was scary?  I hid from all the short ones.  And don't worry, this happens every year.

M:  Yes, the little one was the only one I wasn't sure of, the others were just my size and petted me very nicely.

I:  Nope, I have been squished too many times to take chances.  I was giving thanks that I had a place to hide.

M:  So the humans are thankful one day a year?

I:  No, they just have one DAY that they focus on it...I think our humans, at least, are thankful a lot.

M:  They tell me they are thankful I live with them.  I was thankful that my first owner was nice to me, but I was a little scared when I didn't live there any more.  I don't know why he wanted me to chase those sheep, they didn't do anything to me.  Then I found myself in a cage with other animals like me nearby.

I:  At least they put you in a cage first, I was dropped off in a bag with my brothers and sisters.  Luckily, someone found us then put us in a cage with other animals like me.

M:  That was MEAN - I went to the place with all the dogs, then I was picked up by some nice people with other dogs.  I stayed with them for a bit then went to live with my foster mom, Sandy.  She taught me how to walk on a leash.  They were nice.

I:  I had a foster mom, TOO!  They helped me get better before they found me a new home.  I had to stay awhile in a room behind a glass wall, that is where our humans found me and brought me home. There were three humans then, and two like you.  I was scared at first, but I had a place to hide and I could meet the others at my pace.  We all got along, eventually.  That is why I am so patient with you.

M:  THANKS!  My foster mom did a lot of work the days before I met our humans.  When they came in, I sat pretty, kissed them a lot, and fell over backwards for love.  I had to be in the car a long time, then I get here and met you.  I had never seen one of you before, you were scary.

I:  Good, I didn't want you to chase me.  We had to set some ground rules.  You are doing well, I only have a little more training to do.

M:  I am getting a lot of training, I guess I can take it from you, too.  I am just thankful that we both found these humans.

I:  Me, too!  I guess there is just one more thing to say!


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